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Summer is our favorite time to take a break from travel and enjoy where we live. We recently brought a bottle of [yellow tail]] 's new Rosé to the harbor for a sunset picnic. It was the perfect temperature for a refreshing glass of Rosé paired with brie cheese and grapes! So happy to be home to enjoy a fun evening with my favorite person! #HowDoYouRosé #ad

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Overwater bungalow! :)

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It's like Vegas, but better...

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Turn Your Vacation Photos Into Works of Art With Bumblejax

I'm in love with our new acrylic prints! Get 25% off with our code for a limited time -- just in time for Mother's Day!


This makes me want to go back to the Philippines!

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Happy Easter! 🐰

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Squad goals 🙌 I’ve been having so much fun enjoying my backyard the past few weeks and watching the Gray whales migrate. It’s amazing how close they come to land — especially when they have babies with them. Looks like I’m living up to my whale whisperer nickname 🐋🙆‍♀️
What’s your favorite animal to watch in the wild?

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Cuteness overload. Turn up your sound for the baby panda squeaks!

Stormy skies = the best sunsets (and even better when the sky is filled with paragliders!). It's been unusually cold in San Diego so I’ve actually had a chance to try out my down jacket from Moosejaw Mountaineering. I love it when a company adds a bit of personality to their brand, which is one of the reasons I like these guys -- plus they have great prices on their products!

Check out their great prices on outdoor gear and clothing! ---->

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Susie Wolff Encourages Young Women to Pursue Motorsports

In honor of Women's History Month, we've partnered with Hertz to bring awareness to some amazing women role models like Susie Wolff -- who encourages women to pursue motorsports! #ad #HerInHertz

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What is your dream destination?

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You were born to be real, not to be perfect.
This is becoming more and more apparent in my life. I love connecting with people when we’re not afraid to share our imperfections or allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We all have insecurities and things we struggle with so why pretend that we don’t?
Don’t be afraid of your imperfections, they are part of what makes you beautiful.

So happy to be in Cuba! With all the recent changes to regulations for Americans visiting Cuba, I’m stoked to be able to take part in one of Holland America Line’s cruises to this gorgeous country. I’ll be writing more about it on the blog soon!

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I loved hearing the stories and history behind each place I visited in South Dakota Tourism this week. Bear Mountain (pictured here) is sacred to many American Indian tribes who still come here to hold religious ceremonies. It’s been a spiritual place for thousands of years and if you hike this mountain, you’ll find prayer flags and offerings scattered along the trail.
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Nature is rad. 🙌

If you’ve been following on Instagram stories, then you already know that I’m traveling in South Dakota Tourism this week — exploring all the outdoor beauty in wintertime! The more I travel, the more I appreciate the seasons in each new place I visit. I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow and couldn’t wait to get outside to explore. I love the silence after it snows; everything just feels so peaceful.

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